RFP for 457(b) Third Party Administrator

457(b) Third Party Administrator October 30, 2017

The City of Big Rapids is soliciting proposals to establish a contract with one qualified and experienced Third Party Administrator (TPA) to handle the 457 retirement savings plan for the City’s Non-Bargaining and AFSCME employee groups. Through this contract, the City intends to minimize investment costs, improve operational efficiency, and maximize investment capabilities.

 This Request for Proposal (RFP) specifies all required qualifications, the services required, the investment goals, the estimated activity volumes on the plan, submission instructions, and the contract award provisions.

 Proposals will be considered from experienced and qualified TPAs who are regularly established in the business of investment advisory services, and who in the judgment of the City are financially responsible. Through prior work performed, firms must be able to show evidence of reliability, earnings capability, experience, and knowledgeable personnel to perform the services.

 You can also find the Request for Proposals (RFP) here


Proposal Submission:

Qualified TPAs are invited to submit a proposal (six (6) hard copies) meeting the requirements described herein which must be received no later than 3:00 p.m., Monday, December 4, 2017. Mail or deliver hard copy proposals in a sealed envelope to:

 City of Big Rapids-457 RFP Attn: Aaron Kuhn
226 North Michigan Avenue Big Rapids, MI 49307

 Failure to clearly label proposals may result in premature disclosure. It is the responsibility of the Bidder to ensure that proposals are received by the above deadline. Late proposals will not be considered.


Direct all questions regarding this RFP to Aaron Kuhn via email: akuhn@cityofbr.org.

 This Request for Proposal does commit the City to award a contract or pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a proposal in response to this request. The City of Big Rapids reserves the right to accept the proposal that it considers to be in its best interest. All materials submitted to the City in response to this RFP become the sole property of the City and may be used at its discretion unless the proposer identifies any trademarks or patents. Selection of the firm is at the sole discretion of the City Commission.

Thank you for your interest in working with the City of Big Rapids. Aaron Kuhn, City Treasurer

City of Big Rapids